PS3 Stereo Headset Review


Now I'm not great at giving amazing thorough reviews, but I can get to the point pretty quickly. This headset is absolutely amazing. Now granted I haven't tested out other type of headsets for PS3 similar to this, but I don't think I would want to, because this thing is great. So comfortable, easy to use. The cushions are fantastic, the quality is superb. There's switches to toggle the volume, obviously, but there's also another switch to decide if you want to hear more game sounds, or more voice/mic sounds of the other players. You can go to completely one side, or put it in the middle to get the best of both. And as I've stated, it sounds great. It's got decent battery life, and easy to mute/power on, and adjust volumes. If you're an avid PS3 gamer, and you got about $100 to spare, I would highly recommend you pick this up. It's a great investment, especially if you don't have a headset currently and wanted to try one out. Anybody else out there get their hands on one? Are you looking into it? Let me know what you think, and I'll cyall later.


  1. I don't have the cash to spare! Darn it!

  2. I like the design, might have to give them a try.