Summerslam Countdown: Over!

Well, we're a little over 24 hours away from WWE Summerslam 2011. The time flew by quick from the 1st countdown video I made...which I believe may have been about 28 days ago. I'm pumped, it's only 5 matches, but I have high hopes for the show, especially the main event for the Undisputed WWE Championship. HHH is now the special guest referee, so it's pretty much a given that something is gonna go down between The Game and the 2 combatants. With it being only 5 matches, it seems like they might give they main matches quite a bit of time, which is great in my opinion. I'm gonna head over to Staples Center pretty early...wanna get in the doors asap. Thinking of buying a shirt or some sort of merchandise, but I'm not quite decided. It's between a CM Punk, Sheamus, or Undertaker shirt, depending if they have Taker memorabilia. Anyway, let me know if you're gonna be tuning into the show and who you have your money on in the comments below.

Catch you guys next time.